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Maui Scuba Diving Lessons: What to Expect

Maui scuba diving lessons with a family at Airport Beach.

Maui scuba diving lessons are at the top of many bucket lists. Indeed, scuba diving for beginners is a popular Maui activity because the island features excellent dive conditions. Shore diving in Lahaina you can find shallow dive sites with colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and giant turtles!

Hawaii is perfect for scuba diving lessons. So, if you are researching for an upcoming trip to Maui, use this guide to discover what you can expect on your very first scuba dive.

Introductory Dive Step-by-Step

A Scuba Regulator Feels Weird at First

Maui scuba diving lessons at Airport Beach!

Maui scuba diving lessons at Airport Beach!

For many, the thought of breathing underwater is exhilarating with a touch of severe anxiety. It is not natural for us to breathe underwater, and getting used to this new feeling takes time. That is why each introductory dive lesson begins with a chat about the basics of diving. Your expert instructor calls this process learning to dive step-by-step! You will hear new phrases like lungs-and-legs and early-and-often.

You should feel encouraged to ask questions until you get comfortable with what to expect upon first entering the ocean. So reassured before we ever get in the water you will have a good understanding of why water pressure affects your body, ways to equalize air spaces, how the equipment works, and safe scuba diving techniques.

The first breaths through your scuba regulator will feel strange; there is no doubt about it. For example, you may immediately notice the sound.  Each exhalation can seem quite loud as you expel a considerable amount of bubbles. Beginner divers sometimes feel like they can be a bit starved for air, which is entirely reasonable!

Scuba diving lessons are a time to start trusting your new regulator, and it’s okay if this takes a few minutes. That is why we first practice breathing from the regulator extensively on the surface before descending into shallow water. Indeed by the time we are ready to begin your dive, you will feel very comfortable taking deep continuous breaths.

You Might Forget Skills and Hand Signals – No Problem!

Maui scuba diving lessons contain a lot of initial information about skills and hand signals. But your professional instructor does not expect you to remember every detail. Instead, we focus on communication and practicing skills in shallow water before descending under the ocean. Your instructor will demonstrate first, giving you a chance to recall the hand signals while completing the lesson. If you need your instructor to repeat anything, no problem; we have a sign for that too! Communication underwater is surprisingly comfortable, and you will get the hang of it in no time.

Weightlessness and Freedom of Movement

One of the best aspects of scuba diving is the feeling of being weightless. For me, this is my favorite part of scuba diving. Unless you are an aspiring astronaut, this is the closest you will get to the feeling of zero gravity! Scuba divers can move freely and easily in any direction, and we discuss how to control this feeling of neutral buoyancy beforehand. Allowing the water to move you, going with its flow, and staying calm will ultimately lead to a most relaxing scuba diving experience.


Everything in diving is slow, so your scuba diving lessons will feel comfortable. We breathe slowly, swim slowly, and, most importantly, ascend slowly. The density of water restricts movement, and if you find yourself fighting to swim or moving erratically, you need to get in control. Divers grow accustomed to water resistance, which is essential to extending the length of time your tank lasts. Calm and controlled is the name of the game.

Maui Scuba Diving Lessons Are Worth It

Maui scuba diving lessons experienced for the first time ever!I will let you in on a secret with a personal anecdote. During my first scuba diving lessons, I was close to tears. I was terrified to have water enter my mask, and I wouldn’t say I liked that we had to access the surface slowly. But, 12 years and many thousands of dives later, the cost of a few moments of initial panic and stress was worth the immeasurable gift that scuba diving has brought to my life. Today divers visit a living museum of corals and fishes while facing the fundamental notion that coral reefs will soon look much different, or worse, completely disappear for future generations. Maui scuba diving lessons can positively change your life, so if you have always wanted to try scuba, you can book your Discover Scuba Dive¬†today!