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Maui Scuba and Snorkeling

Is Maui Good for Scuba Diving?

Private Maui scuba diver with professional neutral buoyancy control near a sea turtle at Mala Wharf.

You are researching outdoor activities for your next vacation, and your family wants to go to the Hawaiian island of Maui. You have decided to plan a day of scuba diving, but is Maui good for scuba diving? You are currently reading a blog on a Maui dive company website, which means that this answer…

Maui Scuba Certification: How to Prepare

Get scuba certified on Maui!

You have always wanted to earn your SCUBA certification. Researching your next vacation to Maui, you find that it’s a great place to get scuba certified! Maui offers a wide variety of diving, featuring both beach and boat diving. The unique corals and sea life, coupled with the warm tropical water, guarantee a most memorable…

Top 6 Maui Snorkeling Spots

Maui snorkel map listing 27 spots to visit.

Maui features some of the most vibrant and accessible coastlines of the Hawaiian Islands. You will find excellent Maui snorkeling at almost any beach you visit. We picked our top 6 Maui snorkeling spots to share with you, but only on the westside. Why only West Maui? While there are several beautiful South Maui sites,…

How to Fit Your Scuba Mask

Proper fit scuba diving mask to see Maui turtles.

Have you ever had one of those fantastic dives where your rental equipment was in great shape, the abundance of sea life blew you away, BUT your scuba diving mask consistently gave you issues? The way your scuba mask fits can make or break a dive, so we spend a fair amount of time with…

Maui Scuba Diving Lessons: What to Expect

Maui scuba diving lessons with a family at Airport Beach.

Maui scuba diving lessons are at the top of many bucket lists. Indeed, scuba diving for beginners is a popular Maui activity because the island features excellent dive conditions. Shore diving in Lahaina, you find shallow diving sites with colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and giant turtles! This environment is perfect for scuba diving lessons….

How Long Do Scuba Certifications Last?

PADI open water diver card for a Maui scuba diving certification course.

Your PADI Card is Valid Forever Maui scuba diving offers excellent weather, ocean conditions, and marine life for you to get a PADI card. But, how long does a scuba certification last? The short answer is forever! Once your instructor submits the certification paperwork, your PADI card is valid forever and recognized internationally. This rule…

Buoyancy Control: Scuba Dive Like Professionals

Maui scuba diving buoyancy control like a professional.

For a minute, let’s go back to chapter 1 of your PADI Open Water Diver course. What is neutral buoyancy control? It’s that fantastic feeling you hope to achieve while scuba diving that brings us as close as we will ever get to being astronauts. Neutral buoyancy occurs when an object’s weight is equal to…

Maui Shore Diving: Official Guide

Maui shore diving sites for the best scuba diving experiences.

Scuba diving in Maui has become one of the most popular island activities for both certified divers and beginners. In particular, Maui shore diving currently ranks as the top activity on the TripAdvisor list of things to do because you can access all of the diving spots in Lahaina from the beach. The accessibility to vibrant…

Ocean Safety Prevents Scuba Diving Accidents

Ocean safety tips to help prevent Maui scuba diving accidents.

Few things make me happier than a Maui scuba diving adventure with fish, turtles, and sharks. So when I get asked if diving ever gets old, my swift and proud reply with a smiley is, nope! Being underwater, especially at this time of year, with constant whale song, treasure hunting for rare sea life, away…

Defog Your Dive Mask for Good

Maui scuba diver smiles with an example of perfect mask defog.

There can be nothing worse during your Maui vacation than scuba diving or snorkeling with a foggy dive mask! It’s true, a comfortable and well-prepared dive mask is essential to your ocean experience. It is also safer for everyone around you. When your lenses are full of fog, it blocks your view of the Maui…

Maui Dive Sites: Shore vs Boat Diving

Maui scuba diver enters Mala Wharf in Lahaina.

How to Scuba Dive in Maui Scuba divers find Maui dive sites unique because there is both shore and boat diving. But not everyone is aware that you can get your scuba diving equipment and walk in from the beach. For example, in Lahaina, there is no need to wake up early and pay for…