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Intro to Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving in Lahaina, Maui

Quick Details

  • Requires the ability to swim unassisted in the ocean
  • No scuba diving experience needed
  • Rental equipment included
  • Two-dive package for $228 available during checkout
  • Photography package available during checkout


Before scuba diving in Maui, every non-certified diver must complete a PADI MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE. This medical form confirms that you are healthy for scuba diving activities. You must accurately answer “No” to each question because any other answer will require a release from your doctor before you can scuba dive. Please take a moment to review this medical questionnaire before making your reservation. No one should go scuba diving with any health conditions that may impede one’s ability to scuba dive safely.

Intro Dive please select date and time below
Two-Dive Package second dive additional $99

Your Introductory Dive

Breathe underwater during your Maui vacation by experiencing a discover scuba dive with us! Your day begins at our headquarters in Lahaina for your intro to scuba diving lessons. We start with paperwork and conducting your safety briefing. Then you select your dive mask, wetsuit, dive boots, and open-heel fins. Once you have all of your scuba gear, you will drive your rental car to the dive site. Please inform us if you will not have a rental car.

It’s essential to learn the magic of scuba diving in a safe environment, so our Maui dive shop guarantees small group sizes led by an experienced, attentive, and professional PADI instructor. All of our beginner dives provide personalized attention and private scuba diving lessons whenever possible. Do you love sea turtles? This introductory scuba dive is the best Maui activity to encounter a Green Turtle underwater!

We begin your introductory scuba dive with a briefing about safety, skills, and necessary hand signals. Your dive instructor will slowly talk you through each confidence-building exercise before entering the ocean. The idea is for you to first get comfortable with these new skills on the ocean surface before practicing them again at a shallow depth. Your skills practice finishes up by signaling to each other that we are all feeling okay! At last, we use our lungs to hover off the sand and kick our scuba fins to swim away from shore.

Maui provides optimal conditions to scuba dive in sunny Lahaina and Kaanapali most of the year. This guided tour is for beginner divers who want to see a full array of colorful Hawaiian marine life in the coral reef. We look for turtles, octopuses, moray eels, butterflyfish, and cornetfish. Maui’s scuba divers and snorkelers even hear male Humpback Whale songs from December to April. You can scuba dive with us during the winter to listen to the whales as they roam the local channels near Airport Beach in Kaanapali, Olowalu Beach, and Mala Wharf in Lahaina.

Please note that this introductory discover scuba dive is an experience program only and does not qualify as a scuba diving certification. However, if you want to get certified in Maui, then check our PADI scuba courses for details. In some cases, you may be able to apply this introductory scuba dive as credit towards earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification.

What to Expect for Your Intro Dive

Mornings are the best time for excellent visibility underwater, so we meet at 8:30 am. We start at our headquarters in Lahaina with a scuba diving briefing and choosing your scuba equipment. Then we drive to the dive site, gear up, and walk into the ocean. You begin by floating on the surface and practicing how to breathe with your regulator. Then you descend to the sandy bottom below to start your introductory scuba dive in Maui!

You can book two scuba dives per day. Your second dive with us gets discounted to $99 per person. You can add the second dive on the reservation form during checkout. The first dive finishes at 11 am, so your second dive finishes by 1:30 pm. Would you please inform us if you will not have a rental car?

Please remember that all divers cannot ascend or drive anywhere above 1000 feet for at least 18 hours after two scuba dives. Maui has many roads that take you above 1000 feet, such as in Makawao and Kula. It is imperative to plan your vacation accordingly if you hope to drive your car to Haleakala Crater or go zip-lining.

We offer your introductory dive in Lahaina, Maui with a popular photography package that you can request on the reservation form during checkout. Book online now to secure your scuba diving lessons in Hawaii!