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Private Diving

The Perfect Scuba Tour in Lahaina, Maui

Quick Details

  • Perfect for non-certified and certified divers
  • $439 base price, $129 for each add-on diver
  • Rental equipment included
  • Novice swimming ability extra $99 during checkout
  • Two-dive package available during checkout
  • Photography package available during checkout


Before scuba diving in Maui, every non-certified diver must complete a PADI MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE. This medical form confirms that you are healthy for scuba diving activities. You must be able to accurately answer “No” to each question because any other answer will require a release from your doctor before you can scuba dive. Please take a moment to review this medical questionnaire before making your reservation. No one should go scuba diving with any health conditions that may impede one’s ability to scuba dive safely.

Private Dive for 2 divers please select date and time below
Private Dive for 3 divers or more, starting at $568 please select date and time below

Your Private Dive

Maximize your group’s Maui scuba diving experience by reserving a private dive package. Pricing begins with one scuba dive for two people. If your party has more than two divers, the cost is $129 for each additional person. For example, one private dive for a group of three non-certified divers would total $568 ($439 + $129).

Please note: Novice swimming ability in the ocean incurs an additional fee of $99 during checkout, which covers your entire party. While we are happy to introduce anyone to the world of scuba diving, it requires the ability to swim unassisted in the ocean. So we designed this particular private dive experience for novice swimmers who require extra supervision. You can expect constant care in shallow and calm ocean conditions. We appreciate your understanding!

Private scuba diving is ideal for both non-certified and certified divers. Our dive service recommends this activity for groups of mixed comfort and certification levels. Once you get in the ocean to shore dive in Lahaina you should see Hawaiian Green Turtles and even listen to Humpback Whales in the winter!

We like to provide two scuba dives per day. You can purchase your second dive for $99 during checkout. Your second dive allows you to explore a new dive site in Lahaina! If you select the second dive, you can expect to finish by 1:30 pm.

You can purchase our photography package for $80 during checkout. Scuba diving photos and videos are a popular add-on! Your PADI Instructor uses an excellent underwater camera to capture your best moments underwater.

Are you looking to propose or celebrate an achievement underwater? Each instructor has the experience to orchestrate your Maui scuba surprise! Contact us for more details to help you coordinate the perfect dive plan.

What to Expect for Your Private Dive

Visibility in the ocean is better in the mornings, so you will arrive at 8:30 am. You can expect to finish your first dive by 11:00 am or your second dive by 1.30 pm. Please note that the specific dive site gets chosen by your instructor on the day of your reservation to guarantee you the best Maui scuba diving experience.

Your dedicated dive instructor organizes every dive tour to offer you maximum convenience during your Maui vacation. You will meet your guide at our headquarters in Lahaina at 8:30 am, fill out paperwork, listen to a safety briefing, and receive driving directions to the dive site. Then you drive your rental car to the pre-selected Lahaina dive site where you reconnect with your instructor. Would you please let us know if you do not have a rental car?

We only take online reservations to reserve private diving. Please contact us by email and visit our scuba diving FAQ if you have any questions.