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Scuba Review Dive in Lahaina

Maui Scuba Diving Refresher for Certified Divers

Quick Details

  • $99 scuba review dive
  • Rental equipment included
  • Equipment setup and skills refresh
  • Small group sizes in Lahaina
  • Photography package available

Maui Scuba Diving Refresher

Have you had a long break from scuba diving? Think safety first when it has been a while since you were last underwater. Banyan Tree Divers Maui recommends our Scuba Review program for all certified divers who have not been diving for several months, one year, or longer. We designed this scuba dive to increase your confidence in shallow water before you descend deeper to explore the best Maui diving sites. Scuba diving in Lahaina provides the perfect environment to refresh your skills and get you back into the ocean.

Your scuba review dive begins at the beach with full equipment set up and a briefing about safe scuba diving practices. You can ask your scuba instructor questions while focusing on the best techniques to perform all of your regulator and mask skills. When it’s time to go, we perform a buddy check, walk into the ocean, and practice these essential skills. The goal is for you to find new confidence by practicing the core PADI Open Water Diver skills on the surface and underwater.

Once you complete the skills with your scuba instructor, we head out to explore one of the best Maui diving sites. After the dive, it will be time to detail your experience in your logbook. You get to officially record your Maui scuba dive as a refreshed and confident diver!

What to Expect for Your Scuba Review Dive

We find visibility to be better in the mornings, so we usually meet at 9 am. We contact you via email the day before to confirm the specific dive site based on current conditions. This way, we can guarantee you the best Maui scuba diving trip with us. Look for an updated email before 4 pm with GPS directions to the dive site.

Our Maui dive company set up offers you maximum convenience. We meet you with our scuba van at the beach, gear up, and walk into the ocean. We like to offer two dives per trip. You will finish one dive trip by 11 am or two tours by about 1 pm. The additional tank for the second dive costs $79. 

Quality underwater photos and videos are available to purchase for an additional fee when you book with our dive shop. Maui scuba diving pictures are some of the best out there, so we recommend this option. Book now to reserve your Maui diving experience with us! You can also contact us by email and read more about our dive shop in Lahaina.