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Scuba Review Dive

Refresher for Certified Divers in Lahaina, Maui

Quick Details

  • Rental equipment included
  • Photography package, available during checkout
  • Two-dive package for $298, available during checkout
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Two-dive Package second dive adds $129

Increase Your Confidence as a Certified Diver

Have you had a break from scuba diving? Think safety first when it has been a while since you were last underwater. Banyan Tree Divers Maui recommends the Scuba Review program for all certified divers who have not been diving for several months, one year, or longer. This scuba dive increases your confidence in shallow water before descending deeper to explore the best Maui diving sites. Scuba diving in Lahaina provides the perfect environment to refresh your skills and get you back into the ocean.

Your scuba review dive begins at our headquarters in Lahaina where you will meet your dedicated instructor. Your pre-rented equipment gets included and will be waiting for you. The goal is to complete your equipment setup and have a briefing about safe scuba diving practices. You can ask your scuba instructor questions while focusing on the best techniques to perform all of the regulator and mask skills. After your safety briefing, you will receive driving directions to the dive site. Would you please inform us if you do not have a rental car? When it’s time to dive, you will perform a buddy check, walk into the ocean, and practice these essential skills. The goal is for you to find new confidence by practicing the core PADI Open Water Diver skills on the surface and underwater.

Once you complete the skills with your scuba instructor, you hover off the sand and kick away to explore one of Maui’s best shore dive sites.

What to Expect for Your Scuba Review Dive

You meet your PADI instructor at a pre-determined location in Kaanapali and participate in a safety briefing. We offer two dives per trip. The first dive often takes 2 hours. or you can make two dives in 3.5 to 4 hours. Your second dive costs $129

Underwater photos and videos of your Maui diving experience can be purchased during checkout. If you want to see yourself scuba diving in Maui with turtles and fishes then we recommend this option! You can also contact us by email and read more about our dive shop in Lahaina.