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Introductory Dive Maui

Maui scuba diving lessons with a family at Airport Beach.

Discover Maui Scuba Diving

Nowadays, scuba diving is a recreational activity, and the intro to scuba diving in Maui serves not only to popularize the scuba diving sport but also to teach people about the wonders of exploring a new and exciting world. Even though scuba diving is a leisure sport, it still takes a little bit of knowledge to master. Scuba lessons with Banyan Tree Divers Maui will properly introduce you to the underwater world safely and comfortably, while having tons of fun!

Intro to Scuba Diving Tips

  • Reliable scuba gear, and knowing how to use it
  • Above-average physical conditioning, since this is a somewhat demanding activity compared to warming the couch
  • Good situational awareness – not only for not missing great opportunities, with regards to the marine life but also to avoid minor incidents like stumbling over a coral or hurting yourself when in the belly of a shipwreck
  • The ability to relax and control your emotions
  • Knowledge of how to use buoyancy
  • Excellent learning skills and focus, so you can take in all the new information you will be receiving from your instructor or guide

Unexplored Ocean

Although we have mapped 100% of the ocean floors, we have only explored 5% of their wonders. 95% of the world’s oceans have never been touched or seen by the human eye. And there is plenty to be discovered in the depths of the oceanic abyss. A study published in 2015 showed that scientists know of more than 228,450 marine species in existence today. So, your introductory dive in Maui will show you an underwater world that few people have seen!

Over 220,000 different lifeforms contained in the 5% we have managed to explore so far. Add to that the fact that over 3 million shipwrecks are teeming with marine life and forming complex underwater ecosystems, and you will have your hands full for years to come.

It is in our nature to explore, dissect the unknown and enjoy life in all of its forms, and scuba diving is an experience that cannot be equaled by anything else. The excitement and wonder felt with each stroke of your fin cannot be adequately expressed in words.

The introductory dive in Maui with our mobile Lahaina dive shop is a lifetime experience you can’t miss. Your first dive will get you addicted, and as old sailors once said: “Once the sea gets a taste of you, it will eventually take you.” But this time, scuba diving will only take your heart!