Private Dive

Ocean lovers find plenty to admire in Hawaii. You can try your luck at popular public beaches or join a filled-to-the-max dive tour. Maybe you are visiting friends who live on Maui and can tell you about their preferred dive spots. We have a better idea: Ask Banyan Tree Divers to put together a private dive for you and your favorite dive companion.

Best season for a private dive

When people ask us when’s the best season for a private dive off Maui, we tell them it depends. If you want to see a lot of sea turtles, visit during summer months when waters are warm, and food for turtles is plentiful. If you’d prefer to dive within earshot of a humpback whale song, visit between November and May. There is no right or wrong season for a dive in Hawaii. A private dive off the coast of Maui is sure to open your eyes (and ears) to a fabulous assortment of reef fish, sea turtles, eagle rays, whales, cetaceans, and mantas. Pay attention to weather conditions and forecasts. Banyan Tree Divers Scuba takes safety seriously and picks the best dive sites depending on conditions.

The official fish of The Aloha State, a handsome trigger-fish named Humu Humu Nuku Nuku a Pua’a, may be easier to find than to pronounce. Also known as the Rectangular Triggerfish, the spry little humu is one of the noisiest fish you’ll ever meet. When alarmed, this reef dweller lets go of a snorting sound that sounds a lot like a land pig. If you encounter a humu, don’t try to pet him. The official state fish can raise sharp spines along its back at the slightest hint of trouble. Enjoy his showy behavior from a safe distance, especially during the fishy mating season.

If you aspire to a once-in-a-lifetime private dive that you’ll always remember, add a private dive to your travel itinerary, and ask us to take you and your diving companion to Airport Beach or Mala Pier. These are marine protected wildlife areas where you may encounter all sorts of fantastic fish, eels, seals, sharks, seabirds, whales and other oceanic life.

Intentional boat wrecks to dive

The wreckage of the St. Anthony sits just off Kihei. The wreck of the Carthaginian lies immediately south of Lahaina. It’s hard to say which deliberate wreck is the better dive. Both are first-class artificial reefs where sea life thrives. Here one may catch a glimpse of goatfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, and stingrays. Keep an eye peeled for green honu sea turtles that are known to populate the areas. Take a pic if you like, but please refrain from physically touching turtles or any other creatures you may encounter during your Banyan Tree private dive.

When you’re ready to reserve your private dive on Maui, call Banyan Tree Divers at (808)446-6099.

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