Turtle Diving Maui

If you’ve never been turtle diving off Maui, what in the world are you waiting for? Nothing above the surface compares to the relaxation and joy awaiting you in the underwater world you can visit with Banyan Tree Divers.

If you’re like us, you enjoy knowing all you can about any activity in which you participate. In the interest of your complete enjoyment while turtle diving in Maui, here are a few fascinating facts you might now know about sea turtles:

* The smallest ocean-going turtle is the Kemp’s ridley. The largest is the leatherback. The heaviest leatherback sea turtle on record weighed in at a whopping 2,019 pounds. A typical adult honu may reach 4 feet in width and weigh in at 350 pounds or more.

* Don’t try it yourself, but sea turtles can drink sea water. In fact, sea turtles can drink an amount of saltwater that would make you very, very sick. The reason it doesn’t harm the turtle is due to the way the animal can expel excess salt through a gland in their eyes, explains Sport Diver magazine.

* Green turtles are not named for anything that you can see while turtle diving in Maui. The local turtle is nicknamed for the color of the fat inside its body.

* A leatherback turtle may dive more than half a mile to catch a tasty jellyfish.

* Size is not an indicator of turtle gender. Males you see while turtle diving in Maui have much longer, larger tails than their female counterparts.

* A green turtle’s heart rate may slow dramatically while diving. During a five-hour dive, the turtle’s heart may beat just once every nine minutes.

* Adult green turtles are vegetarians who prefer seaweeds and algae. While in their juvenile phase, however, honu are quite happy to chomp on worms, shellfish, shrimp and any other food source they can find.

* Green honu that you may encounter while turtle diving on Maui don’t reach reproductive maturity until they’re at least 20 years old and may continue to create little honu well into their 50s.

In addition to Hawaii, green sea turtles are content to make themselves home in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and along the eastern shores of Florida.

The Hawaiian islands are home to five species of sea turtles. Leatherbacks, loggerheads, hawksbills and Olive ridleys are not typically seen during shallow coastal dives. Snorkelers are far more likely to encounter a playful honu or green sea turtle, explains Wild Hawaii magazine. Enjoy your face-to-face encounter without touching or bothering the animal, please.

If you are fortunate to live in the islands year ’round, come dive with us again and again. If you can visit Maui only once in your life, make it a super special event. Book your turtle diving Maui experience with Banyan Tree Divers. We love the ocean and her inhabitants as much as you do, and we promise to show you a perfect time. For booking, please call Banyan Tree Divers at (808)446-6099.

Turtle Diving Maui

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