Shark Diving Maui

If most people fear sharks and wouldn’t step into the ocean if they had a Navy Seal team watching their back, then we have Steven Spielberg and his gory 1975’s Jaws to thank. Regardless of how much we have advanced our knowledge regarding these giant fish, people still consider them monsters. With the help of Banyan Tree Divers Scuba, you now have the opportunity to break those myths.

Shark diving in Maui can be an unforgettable experience, where an encounter with these awe inspiring beings will provide newfound respect and reverence for these apex predators. Your brain will identify the lack danger of being around a top predator, in its natural environment, and will immediately dispell any fears you once harbored.

Shark diving is extremely common in Hawaii, and the dangers are practically non-existent. More often than not, it is people who put themselves at risk by not paying attention to the instructor, not taking the necessary precautionary measures, and not being responsible and focused that lead to problems.

Your first encounter with a top predator

It is always a thrill to come face to face with one of the most powerful hunters on the planet. Sharks have roamed the oceans for hundreds of millions of years, dating back to the mighty Megalodon, at that time the crowned king of the oceans. Nowadays, there are over 400 species of sharks, and none of them hunts humans as prey.

When attacks do occur, it is always because sharks confuse surfers with their natural food like sea turtles and sea lions. Which is why, in the overwhelming majority of the cases, the sharks will always attack surfers because of the position they take on the surfboard and will immediately let go as soon as they sense that’s not part of their diet. And shark diving in Maui stands proof of this animal’s friendly nature towards humans. Or, should we say, somewhat indiffernent.

Nevertheless, there are things you need to pay attention to when diving with sharks like:

Situational awareness

Always know where you are and always know where sharks are. You are being submerged in a 3-D liquid environment which means everything will float around and above and beneath you. Don’t make sudden movements, observe and watch your surroundings, so you don’t bump into the animals and scare them. Keep eye contact with them.

Avoid colorful contrasts

Many people believe that sharks are attracted to bright colors, but they’re more intrigued by the color contrasts. Try to find a single color for your suit and blend it with the equipment so that you won’t attract any attention.

Keep calm and enjoy

It is not that often that you get to dive among sharks, in their natural habitat. Maintain your calm and enjoy the experience, because you probably won’t have another chance anytime soon.

Shark diving in Maui is considered a sport in and of itself – a sport of emotions, where you test your instincts and nature. And we, at Banyan Tree Divers Scuba, will be your perfect instructors, guiding you through a world where you will get to bond with an evolutionary miralce and have a blast while doing it.

Shark Diving Maui

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