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Maui Shore Dive

Maui dive site Mala Wharf with blue sky and clear water.

So, you’ve made up your mind to hit it big this summer. You packed your bag, and you are ready to go on the journey of a lifetime. But where do you start planning your Hawaii vacation? Fortunately, Banyan Tree Divers Maui has the perfect answer – go for a Maui shore dive.

If you have never tried an extreme sport, but always dreamed about the possibility, one of your best options is shore diving in Maui. Scuba diving is a recreational sport that’s incredibly popular among both the locals and the tourists, and it’s getting more appreciated by the day.

Experience Maui Scuba Diving

There are two types of Maui scuba diving: boat diving and shore diving. The latter doesn’t require a boat to carry you to the diving location, because the entry point will be right on the Hawaiian shores. There are many beautiful Maui shore dive sites, so Banyan Tree Divers chooses to explore the Lahaina area.

Maui scuba diving is an experience that can be forever life-changing for experienced and inexperienced divers alike. Banyan Tree Divers offers photography and video of each of your dives so that you can reminisce about your incredible dive adventures for years to come.

Maui Shore Diving Tips

Go Slow

Take your time. Ask questions if you are unsure of any aspect of the dive. Don’t rush to get in, especially when carrying heavy gear with you. Take it slow, rest on the way in and make sure to preserve your energy as much as you can.

Check Your Scuba Gear

Although it is called shore diving, more often than not, the dive entry can be more than one hundred feet away. So you might have to walk or surface swim some to get there. If you need to use your snorkel, make sure it is in top condition and fits with your mask.

Make sure that your BCD and regulator are working correctly. Test everything for its functionality before attempting to enter the water. You should have a comfortable wetsuit, mask, and fins. Try everything on beforehand.

Watch Your Surroundings

It is not uncommon to get hit by a rogue wave, fight with the tides or stumble across a fish net, for that matter. It always helps to keep an eye out for everything that may impede your oceanic exploration.

In the end, Maui shore diving is a fun experience, where you get your family and friends to plunge into the whirling heart of nature. The team at Banyan Tree Divers is here to provide you with all the knowledge and support you might need. All you’ll have left is to surrender yourself to the magic of Hawaii.