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Dive Excursions in Mexico

Striped marlin scuba dive excursions in Mexico.

With Maui humpback whale season here, Banyan Tree Divers Maui is at our busiest time of the year. Yet, our scuba staff still dreams of the next perfect scuba diving vacation! We always look for truly unique underwater experiences, free from crowds, and priced right. So, has anyone else been thinking about a dive excursion in Mexico?

We found the answer for a dream dive excursion! It’s a dive shop in Mexico called Nomad Diving. They are diving professionals that guide dive tours looking for big fish and fast currents. Nomad Diving makes these dreams happen! So, book a dive trip in Mexico to see an elusive striped marlin, orca, or great white shark.

3 Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures

Nomad Diving offers the best scuba diving and snorkeling adventures at different spots in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. They monitor migration patterns and travel to the best places with the likelihood of encountering specific animals. Want to see sailfish in Isla Mujeres? Make sure you get time off from work in February! Have you always dreamed of a manta ray encounter? Then block off May 9th to 17th and head to the Soccoro Islands, Mexico! Lastly, thrill-seekers head to Guadalupe Island at the end of October to scuba dive great white sharks!

Many of the dive excursions they offer feature sea life that divers do not often encounter. Their most recent blog post features a dive and snorkel excursion in search of the noteworthy striped marlin. These magnificent creatures get heavily overfished, and local fishing boat captains often lament that they must travel farther and farther out to sea to find them these days. The potential to swim with one is priceless.

For more information on Nomad Diving dive and snorkel adventures in Mexico and beyond, be sure to visit their website and see what they have planned for the coming year. Our dive shop hopes to visit them soon!