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Maui Dive Shop Links

A turtle swimming under water with an introductory scuba diver in Lahaina, Maui

Your Maui Scuba Diving Experience

Scuba diving is a worldwide activity that supports local communities. Scuba divers stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, and book tours. But, we know it is not always easy to connect every dot for your trip of a lifetime. So to assist, our Maui dive shop links you with highly recommended Maui activities, restaurants, and concierges.

Scuba divers often stay in a single location for a week or longer. After a great day of scuba diving in Lahaina, we frequently get asked where to eat, which snorkeling boat tour to book, or for professional advice to help create that special occasion! You don’t have to get overwhelmed by all the options out there. Banyan Tree Divers Maui narrowed down this list of our favorite companies in Maui.

Maui Activities

When you choose an island activity other than scuba diving, we highly recommend these superb Maui tour providers:

  • Sail Maui providesĀ boat trips to Lanai on a performance sailing catamaran.
  • Makai Adventures is your choice for a locally-owned boat company that provides snorkeling tours and whale watching from Lahaina harbor.

Maui Restaurants

When you are ready to eat after scuba diving in Lahaina, we highly suggest all of these Maui restaurants:

  • Moku Roots is the only zero-waste restaurant on the island!
  • Honu Seafood and Pizza is a great restaurant. Reserve your table and go!
  • Star Noodle is our favorite spot for pork buns and specialty soups.
  • Mala Tavern has a location close to our favorite Maui diving site! You can scuba dive at Mala Wharf and then walk to Mala Tavern for lunch!
  • Down the Hatch and Breakwall Shave Ice, you will want for nothing at these adjoined sister companies!

Maui Concierge

Our dive service can’t help with everything, but these professionals can and will:

Oahu Dive Shops

Go scuba diving on every Hawaiian island, but if you only visit Oahu, then let this highly-rated dive shop take care of you:

  • Dive Oahu guarantees boat charters from the Kewalo Basin!

Scuba Diving Directories

Our Maui dive service proudly supports a variety of scuba diving directories, organizations, and clubs. Visit these sites to expand your knowledge and prepare for your next scuba diving trip:

  • Dive Geeks provides access to University of Michigan professor Dr. Taylor’s database.
  • DiveAdvisor is the ultimate scuba diving directory.
  • Course World finds you scuba clubs around the world.
  • Dive Adventures is a comprehensive travel guide for every discriminating scuba diver.