Banyan Tree Divers is an independent scuba diving company located on the stunning Hawaiian island of Maui. Our mobile dive shop offers shore diving 7 days a week, focusing on dive sites along the beaches of Lahaina and Ka’anapali. We introduce our guests to colorful, diverse and active dive locations, where you will find an array of fish species, fields of fringing corals, and often encounter Hawaiian green turtles

Banyan Tree Divers has an experienced, multi-lingual dive team. As instructors and guides we have shared a love for the marine environment with thousands of different experienced and beginner divers, most notably in Hawaii, Thailand, Egypt, and the Caribbean. Collectively, our scuba team shares 16 years of professional teaching experience and we look forward to many more years to come.

It is little known that the best Maui dives sites are shore dives. By avoiding the crowds and instead focusing on small group sizes, Banyan Tree Divers will make your Maui scuba diving experience unforgettable. Diving with Banyan Tree Divers you will feel confident and safe as a scuba diver, experiencing excellent customer service. We understand that your time is limited, so our dive shop offers small groups and flexible scheduling to maneuver around your vacation itinerary. Whether you are very experienced, a little bit experienced or have never tried scuba diving before, let Banyan Tree Divers be your host!

Banyan Tree Divers launched in 2013 with three goals to impact the Maui scuba diving community:

1. Provide our scuba guests with a safe and unforgettable scuba experience

For most scuba divers, the opportunity to breathe underwater is forever life changing. Our dive team wants to share this exhilarating experience with you so that every visit to Maui includes scuba diving with Banyan Tree Divers! In every dive community, especially a small scuba destination like Maui, the key is excellence in customer service. By exhibiting exceptional attention to detail, Banyan Tree Divers helps to create vivid memories for our guests both underwater and above the water. Enjoy a worry-free experience with our small groups and flexible scheduling options.

2. Grow a Banyan Tree Divers scuba family

We want our guests to feel at home when scuba diving Lahaina and Ka’anapali with Banyan Tree Divers. Hawaiian culture has a deep-rooted respect for family, or ohana. Our scuba guests will enjoy that same feeling of aloha knowing that our team at Banyan Tree Divers is taking the time to make you feel welcome and safe. Banyan Tree Divers is growing a scuba ohana by providing our guests with the reliability of always having a go-to dive center on Maui.

3. Create awareness for reef and fish conservation

Banyan Tree Divers’ best opportunity to preserve Maui’s endemic marine environment is to educate our guests about reef and fish conservation. Scuba diving gives sight-seeing on Maui a new meaning! Yes, through underwater exploration we naturally become ambassadors of the underwater world. Beneath the ocean surface, divers are provided the unique opportunity to experience coral reef communities and observe a variety of marine life. We are fortunate and lucky to be able to explore this delicate part of the Earth, which covers less than 1 percent of the sea floor. Indeed, a wild statistic! As ambassadors, it also means that divers are confronted with the continual degradation of our ocean’s fragile coral reef system, including vast losses over the past 20-plus years. We are also witnessing the near extinction of all shark species, a more than 100,000,000 sharks are fished out each year. The ocean is nearly empty of it’s most important fish. Our company has a saying, Fish are friends, Sharks are fish, Jaws is not real. Banyan Tree Divers wants to create awareness for coral reef and fish conservation, combined with fostering safe and responsible diving habits to protect our incredibly finite ocean resources.

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Banyan Tree Divers

My first trip to Maui was exhilarating but only because of Caitlin & Kevin from Banyan Tree Divers. My daughter and I did 4 shore dives and one night dive; our favorite was Mala Pier!!! We discovered the beauty of Maui and we are in love with the green sea turtles. Caitlin & Kevin are advocates of conservation for the life of the deep blue. In all my diving I have never had any Instructor or Divemaster give such positive feedback to help me grow in this sport: basic tips helped us enjoy and get the best out of our diving experience. We were amazed at the beautiful images Kevin so effortlessly took from the entry into the water to back on land; the next day we found 100 plus photos ready to download and show our dream vacation to. Swimming with the turtles in Maui will always be the “best” but it could of only happened with Banyan Tree Divers”.
July 2014
We just completed our 2nd year diving with Caitlin & Kev and the Banyan Tree Divers gang. This year we did 11 dives at a number of different beaches along the West Maui coast. Caitlin & Kev continue to provide a safe, educational environment for my daughter (14) and I to enjoy the underwater beauty Maui offers. We decided to complete our Advanced Diver certifications this year. Again, Caitlin & Kev are excellent teachers re-enforcing safe diving mechanics, appreciation for the environment, and having a great time. They were able to work around our schedule to create a very interesting and varied dive schedule during the 2 weeks we were here. We leave the island with a computer full of amazing pictures provided by Caitlin & Kev, our Advanced Diver cert, and a renewed appreciation for the sport of scuba and the beautiful environment Maui provides under water!!! I have tried a number of dive shops on Kauai and Maui, and Banyan Tree Divers provides a type of service and experience you really don’t find anywhere else. I cannot recommend anyone more positively than Banyan Tree Divers. Wish there was a 6th star above!!!”
August 2014

Scuba Diving Maui with Banyan Tree Divers

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