Maui Diving Reviews

Maui diving reviews come from all over the world. From people who have visited Maui and have seen the fantastic and beautiful display of our underwater culture. It never ceases to amaze those who come to look at it. When diving in Maui, you will have the opportunity to see the Beautiful volcano topography. As well as historical wrecks like those that occurred during World War II. You will also see all of the fantastic ocean creatures that grace our Shores. There are more than a hundred miles of Shoreline the divers can enjoy. There is no telling what you might find. Maui offers an abundance of diving attractions.

Diving at Maui

You can see all kinds of things from days gone by or swim with dolphins and sea turtles and many other animal life. It’s not just your diving that draws people to Maui, so it has been said it is the most beautiful diving experience you will ever have. As one Maui resident put his diving skills in Maui.” It is something that is very rare and hard to come by.” He goes on to say and talk about how he got to swim with humpback whales. He explains that you have to allow the humpbacks to come to you. Because in Maui it is illegal for divers to approach humpbacks.

Making memories

Another Avid diver of Maui explains that what makes it so memorable is that 24% of all marine life and 18% of the coral growth only live or survive here in Maui. Some of the favorite marine life that can be seen are the big animals like the manta rays and the green sea turtles. Spinner dolphins and humpbacks are also commonly seen in Maui. There are plenty of beaches, and each provides a different Adventure.

Mama Koa

One attraction is the 48- feet of Mama Koa. It is hard not to get distracted by what is on the top side. But if you go just under the surface, you will find a coral Amphitheater. Inside of the coral Amphitheatre, you will see a spectacular Ray of colors as you watch the tropical fish swimming around in their natural habitat.

Other Spots to Dive

But we have other spots like Airport Beach and Olowalu. Most say that the most fantastic part of Maui is on the west side called Mala Pier. It is a critter filled heaven. You will get to see the remains of the former shipping Pier that was ruined by the 1992 hurricane Iniki. Of course, you will not want to spend all of your time in Maui diving the sunrises are out of this world. If you are ever in Maui and would like to learn how to dive, have a guided diving tour, or brush up on your diving skills, come to see us at Banyan Tree Divers Scuba and let us help. We can help beginners who would like to experience diving for the very first time. To those who have been out of the water for a while and need to brush up on their diving skills, we have Refresher Dives tailored just for you. You can also visit us online at and see all that we have to offer.

Maui Diving Reviews

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