Maui Scuba Photography

Maui scuba diving photography by Banyan Tree Divers highlights the abundance of Hawaii marine life. This photo collection comes from the best Maui dive sites in sunny Lahaina, including Airport Beach and Mala Wharf. Maui allows every scuba diver to see countless turtles, fields of corals, schools of fish, big reef sharks, swimming dolphins, and more. What will you see scuba diving on Maui?

Maui scuba photography presented by Banyan Tree Divers to help spread awareness for Maui shark protection and ocean conservation. We invite you to share these unique underwater images to help us promote a healthy ocean and more protections for Hawaii marine life. Each photo and video you see was captured scuba diving on Maui by our professional instructor team.

Maui’s endemic diversity of underwater life makes us passionate about promoting ocean conservation. As a Maui dive shop, we see how marine protection regulations link to scuba diving and why they are needed. Everyday Maui scuba divers witness firsthand the underwater degradation taking place amidst the innate beauty. If we want to continue to scuba dive, we need coral reefs and sharks!

There is no magic formula to improve the health of Maui’s ocean ecosystem. But every day, we can all play a part by reducing our small, individual impacts. Together let’s learn how we can all play a role in improving the most significant and most fragile part of planet Earth.

Banyan Tree Divers uses social media and blog posts to keep you informed and aware of the immediate issues facing the best Maui dives sites. As a small dive shop in Lahaina, it’s ultimately our hope to encourage a platform for Maui shark protection. Scuba diving is a way to swim with sharks on Maui and learn about conservation. At Mala Wharf in Lahaina, the reef sharks are in danger of over-fishing. Keep up to date with Banyan Tree Divers on Instagram for an account of every leftover fishing hook shark death.