Maui Scuba Photos

Maui dive sites have an abundance of marine life for scuba divers to discover. You will find the best Maui dive sites, including Airport Beach and Mala Wharf, along the stunning beaches of Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Kapalua. In West Maui you have the opportunity to see countless turtles, fields of coral, schools of fish, big reef sharks, and even swimming dolphins.

Maui scuba photos and videos presented by Banyan Tree Divers Scuba. Photography has the power to help spread awareness for ocean conservation in Hawaii. Each photo and video you see was captured scuba diving off Maui.

You are invited to share these unique underwater images to help promote a healthy ocean and greater protection for marine life. Maui scuba divers witness firsthand the underwater destruction taking place underwater amidst the beauty, so your voices must be heard. Banyan Tree Divers Scuba hopes to encourage a platform for Maui shark protection through scuba diving with reef sharks at Mala Wharf and documenting the sharks dying from leftover fishing hooks.