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When piers fall, they sometimes become a new habitat for a remarkable number of fish, eels, turtles and other wild sea creatures. Such is the case with the old Mala pier in Lahaina, Maui. Wrecked by storm surges and high winds in the early 1990s, the old Mala pier provides one of Lahaina's most exciting diving and snorkeling sites.

When the ocean is calm, you can enjoy an assortment of colorful and fascinating Hawaiian sea life at the wreck of the old Mala Wharf pier. Lahaina visitors who have basic snorkeling or SCUBA skills can enter the water at the Mala Wharf boat launch and make their way around the breakwater to locate what's left of the Mala pier. Please note that even great swimmers should never dive directly under the remaining pier. The hazards involved in such a dive are not worth the scant scenery. Besides, the fascinating part of diving around the Mala pier Lahaina has to do with the submerged wreckage of the old pier.

Now covered in living coral and abundant with colorful sea life, the sunken portion of the old Mala fishing pier is home to the tang, trigger-fish, wrasse, and parrotfish. A wreck is also a beautiful place where one is likely to encounter curious green sea turtles and slumbering white- and black-tip reef sharks. At no deeper than 30' in most areas, the Mala pier Lahaina wreck provides a morning or afternoon water adventure that doesn't have to take all day.

Getting there

Take Highway 31 to Lahaina then make your way to Front Street as soon as possible. Find the Mala Wharf access road near the Lahaina Cannery Mall exit. Parking can be a challenge, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and “hang loose” as the locals say.

Banyan Tree Divers

One of the beautiful things about diving Maui is that the best sites are accessible from shore. You don't have to board a boat to get to remarkable reefs and wrecks like the Mala Pier to view white tip reef sharks, frogfish, eagle rays, moray eels, and Hawaiian green turtles. Dives and snorkel excursions that don't involve motorized boats are eco-friendly, private and comfortable.

Caitlin and Kevin Maratea will be your hosts and guides when you opt to explore the Mala pier Lahaina and other exhilarating underwater locales with Banyan Tree Divers. Kevin and Caitlin have experience diving all sorts of amazing places, including Egypt, Thailand, and the Caribbean. Beautiful places to be sure, but there's something special about Maui that invited them to call the Hawaiian islands home.

Book your Banyan Tree Divers adventure now to ensure your gear is ready when you get here. The waters off Maui maintain a comfortable temperature year 'round, but you may wish to wear a 3mm wetsuit jacket, especially if you SCUBA dive. We can provide your suit and tanks and fins and snorkels and everything else you need to make your Maui water adventure the thrilling event you always dreamed of.

Mala Pier Lahaina
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