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Maui Shore Diving: Official Guide

maui shore diving

Maui Shore Diving: Banyan Tree Divers Official Guide Maui shore diving is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities on the island. Scuba and Snorkeling is currently ranked 1st on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do on Maui. The accessibility to gorgeous reef systems coupled with the convenience of finishing two morning dives before lunch,…

Kaanapali Scuba Diving Location

Kaanapali Scuba Diving Location

Kaanapali Scuba Diving Location In 2018 Banyan Tree Divers Scuba opened a new Kaanapali scuba diving location! This is where we will conduct scuba classes for each student interested in becoming a PADI Professional. Emergency First Response (EFR) and PADI Rescue courses, as well as Divemaster theory will be taught in our air conditioned classroom. The Banyan Tree…

Dive Accidents and Ocean Safety

Ocean Safety

Ocean Safety Few things make me happier than being underwater with the fishes. I am often asked if diving ever gets old. I swiftly and proudly reply with a smiley, “Nope!” Being underwater especially at this time of year, with constant whale song, treasure hunting for rare sea life, away from my phone, bringing joy…

Dive Excursions in Mexico

dive excursions

Has anyone been thinking about dive excursions in Mexico? Banyan Tree Divers Scuba certainly has. As whale season on Maui approaches and BTD braces itself for the busiest time of the year, we find ourselves prematurely dreaming of our next dive vacation destination. This gives us a great opportunity to highlight our friends at Nomad Diving…

Defog Your Dive Mask for Good!

dive mask

  There is nothing worse than diving with a foggy dive mask! A comfortable, well-prepared dive mask is essential to an enjoyable dive. How frustrating is it to be unable to efficiently communicate with your buddy because his or her mask not only blocks views of the beautiful sea life, but also contributes to missed…