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Go scuba diving with our Lahaina dive shop to see the best Maui dive sites. If you are scuba certified, but you have never been night diving off the coast of Lahaina, what are you waiting for? Some coastal dive spots around Lahaina provide the rare after-dark opportunity to view sleeping turtles and night-time sea creatures. Let our experienced Lahaina dive shop arrange your night dive, and it probably won’t be your last dive with Banyan Tree Divers Maui.

Maui Scuba Diving Highlights

* Hawaiian Squirrelfish

Several species of fish hide around coral outcroppings by day and come out to feed primarily at night. Some Hawaiian reef squirrelfish exhibit bright red fins that are exceptionally brilliant when illuminated by your dive light.

* Ghost Crabs

Not strictly nocturnal, the little ghost crab is often found feeding on seafloor debris after dusk. Known for its speed and agility, the ghost crab is just one of the denizens of the deep that you may encounter on your after-dark excursion led by friendly guides from a reputable Lahaina dive shop.

* Spiny Lobster

Once a favorite restaurant delicacy, the Hawaiian spiny lobster is no longer available to commercial fishers. In fact, the only way you can now obtain one of these tasty bugs is to catch it with your bare hands. However, we won’t be doing that on your Maui night dive. Simply enjoy the spectacle of this fantastic night time seabed scavenger.

* Yellowfin Goatfish

During the day, these horizontally striped, almost transparent whiskered fish hang out in sleeping schools. In fact, you could snorkel past group of yellowfin goatfish in daylight and not even notice them. After dark, these fascinating fish search for dinner by utilizing sensitive organs on their chins to find tiny sand-dwelling organisms.

* Common Octopus

This remarkable eight-legged cephalopod is often observed prowling the seabed for tasty crustaceans and shrimp snacks after dark. One fantastic thing about octopus is the fact that they have three hearts. In ancient times, people hunted the elusive octopus by torchlight. You will observe octopus behavior with an LED dive light when you join a night dive led by Banyan Tree Divers.

* When you see sleeping turtles

Please resist the urge to stroke these gentle marine creatures, because it will disrupt their sleep and cause unnecessary stress for them. Turtles need air to breathe, so they will have to surface before resettling into their favorite sleeping spot. Grabbing, petting, chasing and riding a turtle is strictly off-limits on Maui and everywhere in the world. You can have a truly awesome experience without touching the turtles. Dive calmly and a turtle will probably look you eye to eye!

Ready to contact our Lahaina dive shop to reserve your Maui night dive? Space on custom dives is limited, so contact Banyan Tree Divers at (808) 446-6099.

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