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Nowadays, we take swimming for granted. But throughout our history, we’ve had our ups and downs with regards to this activity. Up to the 1900s, even most of the sailors didn’t know how to swim. Now, we have elevated it to both an Olympic sport and a recreational activity, and the possibilities are endless. At Banyan Tree Divers Scuba, we deal with one of the most entertaining activities, as well as with one of the most exotic sports in the world – scuba diving.

Scuba diving in Maui is unlike anything you have ever tried. Diving the flourishing shores of Kapalua, or gazing over the breathtaking beauty of the Moray Eels reefs. The Hawaiian climate and conditions are perfect, and, in the summer, the ocean is warm and welcoming, making it one of the most beautiful locations around the globe.

Not many people have tried scuba diving, especially if they live far from the ocean, but it is an experience worth trying. However, for newcomers especially, scuba diving can make for an exciting new experience.

Getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime

We’ve known how to swim from ancient times, and we’ve become quite good at it. The oldest evidence of people swimming dates back 10,000 years ago, immortalized in rock paintings in the Cave of Swimmers, southwestern Egypt. A pretty suggestive name.

But, before jumping right into it, what should you know about your first experience of scuba diving in Maui? As a beginner, there are several things to keep in check:

You will be facing your fears

It is in our nature to fear water, and when the average ocean depth is 2,5 miles, it could make for a nerve-wracking new experience. It is natural, and it is part of the thrill of experiencing new and exhilarating emotions.

Diving with a group is more fun

It will also increase your confidence, as you will have a lot of people joining in the adventure. It is always recommended to go for diving groups, especially when considering the possibility of making new friends along the way.

Learn the importance of a clear mind

Relaxation is one of the best states of minds you could go for. Only once you’ve become fully relaxed will you be able to truly enjoy diving and discovering a new, exotic and intriguing world.

Pay attention and learn

The PADI instructor, which will guide your every step, will inform you on everything of interest, including how to use your gear, how to move through the environment, as well as what conduct to approach, for both your safety and that of the underwater environment. Things you need to pay attention to.

Scuba diving in Maui is supposed to be an exhilarating experience, first and foremost, but it may also help you by opening your mind with regards to the diversity of life. Banyan Tree Divers, one of the best diving companies in Maui, will show you just how beautiful and diverse nature is; something which will remain imprinted in your memory forever.

Best Diving Maui

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